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Rwanda Bean

     Rwanda Bean is a coffee shop I've been going to regularly for a couple years, now. The company was founded by Mike Mwendata in 2013. He created a Fifty Percent to Farmers program in order to give back to the farmers who grow and harvest the coffee beans, which are shipped back to Maine to make delicious coffee!

     When I go to Rwanda Bean, I feel as warm as the coffee they serve. John, Joe, Ben, and everyone else on the team are very welcoming. Stop by the Portland or South Portland location to see for yourself! 

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The Lady in the Moon

     The Lady in the Moon started out as a pop up shop in 2017. In 2020, the owner, Jess, opened a new location at Monument Square in Portland. If you consider yourself "woo- woo" or have a witchy side, this is definitely a shop you should check out. They have crystals, tarot cards, perfumes, lotions, candles, incense, and more! The shop is open Tuesday through Saturday, and Jess or Alexis will  be there to welcome you with a smile! 

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The Francis Hotel

     The Francis Hotel is a boutique hotel at 747 Congress Street in Portland. It was designed and built for Mellen E. Bolster. in 1881, by architect Francis Fassett. One hundred thirty-six years later, in 2017, Tony DeLoise and his family restored the home to its former glory. Now, its doors are open to not just one family, but to all! 

     If you are looking for a cozy place to staycation or host your friends and family, Tony and his staff would be happy to have you. They offer unique rooms with soft beds, helpful travel tips, a spa, and even breakfast in bed from Tandem across the street!

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Flatbread Pizza

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Uncharted Tea

Uncharted Tea

     Uncharted Tea opened in Portland in November of 2019. Since then, the owner, Michael, has been working tirelessly to keep his customers happy. His effort is definitely paying off! Michael's ocean inspired bubble tea shop also offers hot tea, toast, and soup.      On top of that, all of his single use products are 100% biodegradable. Michael is conscious about every aspect of his business, and has created an inviting atmosphere for the Portland community to enjoy!

     Uncharted Tea's modern take on the traditional Taiwanese drink will bring your tastebuds to uncharted territory. If you stop by, Michael, or Garett will be happy to make you something delicious. I'm willing to bet you'll enjoy it so much that you'll be following a map to go back for more! 

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Kyle Erwin

     I met Kyle in 2019 when we both worked at the same restaurant in Falmouth. He told me he did graphic design. At the time, I was making plans to start my window cleaning company. Soon, he was working with me to create the logos for my company.  

Kyle designs logos, apparel, business cards, user interface, and more. His website features some of his amazing work! 

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